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Dough kneading machines

... by SELA are suitable for all doughs for bread, rolls or pizza crust, as well as for pasta, spaetzle, dumplings and sandwich breads.


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First-class quality

An extremely strong bearing system for all moving parts as well as a thick-walled stainless steel mixing bowl and a bottom with additional reinforcement ensure that our dough kneading machines last for a long time.

The transparent, impact-proof plastic cover allows you to observe all aspects of the kneading process and, if necessary, add water without interrupting kneading. A recess in the cover is provided for this purpose.

It also closes the mixing bowl tightly, so that flour dust can hardly escape.

Teigkneter 5KH geschlossen
Teigkneter 5KH
RA 20
Teigkneter 5 KE
5 KE
Teigkneter 20KE
20 KE
Teigkneter 30 KGZ
30 KGZ

High performance

Our dough hooks with double bearings withstand even the toughest dough. The V-belt and chain drive can be tensioned independently of each other without problem.

The dough hook and mixing bowl are made of high-quality stainless steel. 
The housing is made of thick-walled, powder-coated sheet steel. A high-performance industrial motor gives the machine plenty of power.

Technical specifications

Braked wheels2 speed/
5KE538 Ltr.230 V46x28x38 cmTabletopNo0,25 kW30 kg
5KHA**538 Ltr.230 V46x28x38 cmTabletopNo0,25 kW30 kg
10KE10512 Ltr.230/ 400V52x28x58 cmOptionalNo0,55 kW48 kg
20KE201026 Ltr.230/ 400V69x39x76 cmYesOptional0,75 kW72 kg
20KHA**201026 Ltr.230/ 400V69x39x76 cmYesNo0,75 kW78 kg
20KHA2GZ**201026 Ltr.400V69x39x76 cmYesYes0,5-1,1 kW80 kg
38KE382053 Ltr.230/ 400V86x53x80 cmYesOptional1,5 kW100 kg
30KGZ2G301838 Ltr.400V76x42x100 cmYesYes1,1-1,4 kW112 kg
40KGZ2G402351 Ltr.400V81x48x104 cmYesYes1,1-1,4 kW124 kg
50KGZ2G502866 Ltr.400V94x53x112 cmYesYes1,4-2,2 kW185 kg
60KGZ2G603579 Ltr.400V91x58x116 cmYesYes1,4-2,2 kW215 kg
RA 72,56,5 Ltr.230 V41x23x42 cmTabletopContinuously0,5 kW19 kg
RA 20ca. 1220 Ltr.400 V65x46x90 cmOptionalContinuously0,55 kW93 kg
RA 30ca. 1730 Ltr.400 V80x52x135 cmNoContinuously1,1 kW225 kg

*     dough hook can be lifted up
**  dough hook can be lifted up, mixing bowl is removeable